Football predictions for the weekend

Football predictions for the weekend (01-02.08.2020) We will start with Regional league Tirol, that going to their 1st round in August. So, several matches will be played on Saturday and we choose Waker Innsbruck – Kufstein. Waker Innsbruck – Kufshtein – prediction 1X (double chance) – average odds 1.60 One game from China Football League. … Read more

Vip soccer betting tips for Saturday

Today I ‘ll make a review of 3 soccer matches for Saturday. As you know on Saturday and at all on weekends most tipsters bet and not only tipsters but many soccer fans, so let’s start with predictions (football predictions) on Saturday. Brescia – Parma One football match of theams with equal performance. Here Brescia … Read more

Football predictions of today

Football predictions of today will start with Friday and include 3 games for Friday. Then we can analyze 2 picks for Saturday and 2 picks for Sunday. It’s summertime and some champions finished, others not finished, but in some top football league champion is already known, like the case with Primera Division, where Real Madrid takes the championship cup. … Read more

Football predictions this weekend

Football predictions this weekend will start with English Football and will place a few games from Saturday and Sunday. Our predictions are based on analyses and stats, knowledge, and very important luck! You know in this game, luck needed. England Premier League predictions: Tottenham Hotspur – Arsenal (12 July 2020). We think, that Tottenham plays … Read more

Friday and Saturday Predictions

We are already at the end of the week and the weekend coming soon, as we know then matches, and the sporting events at all are generally more and we can bet on them. On other days of the week, there are also sporting events, but in general, during the week there are fewer matches … Read more

Free football predictions and betting tips

Hi to all fans, Today I ‘ll make some football predictions and analyze betting tips for Saturday and Sunday, so I can include Bulgarian Football League A, Premiership, and Championship from England. I ‘ll use the platform for betting 1xbet and will find some games with average odds over 1.80 for each match. You can … Read more

Football predictions for the weekend

This Saturday and Sunday there are soccer matches from Premiership, so we will make some predictions. Football predictions for the weekend are very popular in tipster society, so many people bet on them. Let’s start with the Premiership championship and then will continue with other football leagues, mainly in Europe. The average odds for the … Read more

10 football predictions for Saturday and Sunday

The weekend comes and a large part of the football championships are about to start soon, or the first rounds of some championships start already after the restart of Football all over the World. Some championships, like German Bundesliga, have started last month and this weekend we have many games again. Today I will make … Read more

Soccer predictions tomorrow

I ll make a few soccer predictions for tomorrow 08 June 2020 year. Weekend finishing and now bettors look at the new week matches. Let’s look at gameplay for Monday and see, if there is an interesting soccer predictions, that can be made for tomorrow. I ll open and will look at the next … Read more

Soccer betting tips free

Soccer betting tips for Sunday Today I ll write some tips for Sunday matches. Step by step sports going to recover and as I see there are matches to bet this week, so will start to provide some analyzes and tips for Sunday. Belarus, Energetic – Vitebsk This game will play on Sunday 31 May … Read more