Saturday football games

1xbet bookie football games

Hi fans of football games, today we can make a Saturday football game prediction for a match day. Start with 3 games for today ad they are after 17:00, after most waiting UK Football leagues. Because of many games in UK football leagues and hard to predict correct results, because of many surprizes there, we try to make predictions after the start of UK football on Saturday, so to be more claim and to has more silent in analyses. So, let’s start today with the first game. Saturday football games picks. See it here:

  • Tondela – Rio Ave – 1X double chance or just 1 and X played in two columns. For 1 (3.90) for X (3.25) odds.
  • Strasbourg – Amiens – 1(1.80)
  • Piast Gliwice – Cracovia – 1 (2.10)

All games can be played in a betting system 2 of 3, this means 3 columns. Can insert a single column of 3 games, so you can win all games and can have 3 columns (3×2 games) and 1 column(1×3 games) all winning.

Total odds of 3 games: 14.75 max odds, if Tondela wins, if make a draw, a smaller odds, but again more than 10.00 odds(12.29).

you can play the system to has less risk, or single column and place a 1 bet with your betting amount, so you choose what to bet or to bet this games.

You can check one of the highest odds for Saturday football games and can play with a minimum deposit of 1 $, yes its right. You can deposit 1$ or more and play. Good luck!

Soccer predictions for UEFA League Europa

For League Europa 19th Feb.2020 we have several picks:

  • AEK Larnaca – AEL Limassol – 1 /average odds 1.80/
  • Nordsjaelland – Horsens – 1 /average odds 1.50/
  • Tottenham – RB Leipzig – 1 /average odds 2.25/

Total odds for 3 games in a row = average 6.08 depends on the bookmaker.

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Sunday sports predictions with high odds

Primera La liga

Today I ‘ll make some picks for Sunday. Yes, many bets on Saturday, but as I know a lot of games on Saturday and people don’t know where t bet, on which game and in the article, I ‘ll make some pick for Sunday. Sunday is a day with sports events, mainly football and we prefer to place bets on Spain Primera, Spain 2, Italy A, Italy B leagues. There are Portugal, some England football games, Belgium football games, and other European football championships.

Lets take a look at Italy and Spain. This thread will be for Spain Primera and Italy A Serie.

Italy A seria | Brescia – Udinese

Here we can make a prediction for a home win. Yes, many will tell us, that Brescia is at 19th position in general standing, Udinese is also not in the top 10 teams, and they are 15th in general standing. We think the interesting game, maybe with 1,2 goals and high odd for a home win.

Spain La Liga | Alaves – Eibar

A game with Alaves and Eibar, that will take place in Alaves stadium, where Alaves has better performance than away. Alaves are at 1 place up in standing and will try to get 3 points. Eibar also need points, and this will be almost equal game for me, but a little advantage at home ground for Alaves. Let’s place 1 in this game

Home win at odds over 2.00. See high odds for this game.

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Coin Master for Spins

Coin masters For Spins
coin master spins

Are you looking for any new game to play on your mobile device? Or do you want to engage yourself in something exciting and fun experience of mobile gaming? Well, if yes is the answer to both of these questions then go for coin master for spins game without any doubt. 

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About Coin Master

Coin master is a single-player game. This casual mobile game is created by Moon Active, which is an Israel based company. The mobile game was released in 2016. The game earned the reputation as among the most interactive and interesting mobile device games in the market. Till October 2019, according to a survey, coin master had over 81 million downloads. Coin Master has become the top leading mobile game in the United Kingdom and Germany.

The company has investors from the gambling industry. The main goal of Coin Master is to build up villages by winning coins. A good fortune in the game is achieved by winning and spinning. The fortune can be gained by attacking another player’s community that has already build or by raiding another player’s fortune altogether.

Players get advanced and upgraded to the next village by building their village. The village gets more different and challenging with every level up. The player also progresses with each level. The player has to win continually, spin, and build through over more than 200 unique and independent themed village adventures. LA dreams, Buddhist village, Hell’s village, etc. are some of the examples of its village themes.

About the Gameplay

The coin master for spins game allows you to travel through time and some magical land to battle out to be the best pirate, hippie, warrior, king, or Viking of them all. All you got to do is spin the wheel to let it fall in the part of your good fortune. Be it attack time, raids, shields, or loot the fortune should be on your side to win the game.

You can loot by landing on gold sacks or coins so that you can build a strong village throughout the game. This will also help you in moving on to the higher levels of the game. You can win the shields so that you can guard and protect your village from the other players and Viking, who may try to attack you. You can be the master of coin master for spins with having the strongest village and most loot.

Attack and Raid fellow Vikings

You can earn the coins in the game with the help of a slot machine. But that is not the only way left to win the coins. You can steal the coins too. By attacking and raiding your friends and enemies, you can save and have enough loot coins to build your own village. You can fight with your foes and come back with a victory; there is no need to break the piggy bank.

If you want to get rich in the game, then you can take revenge from those Viking who has attacked your own village. You can definitely snatch and take back what is yours. With the help of a coin dozer, you can get rich again. You never know about the treasure that you can get in someone else’s village.

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Daily Bonus Wheel

 The Daily Bonus Wheel is one of the exciting parts of the coin master for spins game. This feature allows the player to win extra coins to master and advance faster through different levels of the village. There is a specific way to use the daily bonus wheel. You have to spin the daily bonus wheel once every 24 hours.

As soon as you spin the bonus wheel in 24 hours, you will get free coins. Once you collect the free coins, the player will have a countdown timer that will remain counting until the next free Daily Bonus Spin. Besides this, there is always an option to purchase a spin on the Daily Bonus Wheel, which will be given and presented in gold. It will offer you a chance to earn and win incredible rewards. The message showing Bonus Coin Wheel is “Now 10X better” means that the amount that can now be won is ten times higher than they used to be previously in the game.

Pets in the Game

You will find pets in the game. These pets are your partners in the pursuit to conquer and become the coin master in coin master for spins mobile game. The pets assist the players on different aspects and levels of the game and make the movement of the player throughout the villages more challenging and rewarding.

The pets do perform their various tasks within a specific limit. The limit of these pets can be raised by leveling up the pets in the game. For increasing the level of the pet, the player must collect experience points. The accumulated experience points can be found on the bottom right corner of the pet menu.

While looking at a pet, pressing the experience point button will give a certain percentage of the total XP in your collection. This can be seen at the top of the screen. When in the game, you will have collected enough experience points then you will find an “Upgrade” button near the pet. This will help in raising the level of the pet. This will also increase the amount of help they can offer you. You can find fox, rhinoceros, and tiger as your pet.

The coin master for spins game can be easily downloaded and installed on your mobile device. Be it an Android smartphone or an iOS platform i.e., iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with an iOS 9.0 or later, you can enjoy playing this game. The best quality of this game is it helps you in relaxing as well. The interface of the game is built in such a way that it will offer you a fun experience along with winning coins.