Betting tips 1×2 for Saturday (18-09-2021)

football betting tips

Hi to all soccer fans. today i ll make a few predictions for the wekeend and hope they will be successfull, so lets go and see whats i make, as soccer tips.

Betting tips 1×2 for Saturday:

  • Liverpool – crystal Palace – 1 – 1.20
  • Middlesbrough – Blackpool – 1 – 1.83
  • Q.P.R – Bristol City – 1 – 1.83

Total odds = 4.01 / bet – 50

Available – 950

For Saruday we has 3 picks and we will start as a virtual money, so lets put 1000 and will se whats will happend at the end.

Starting bank – 1000

We will make predictions from this bank amount for 1 month, so start from SATURDAY.

STARTING DAY 18-09-2021

END DAY – 18-10-2021

At the end of period, we will make a brief review and stats, whats the final result of our predicition for the month, if we win or not. Hope to win. 🙂

We will make predictions, when see good matches to bet, so if not, we will not bet. Mostly will make this on weekends, so visits our site to see free Betting tips 1×2 for the day.

Wish you luck and hope we will win the game.