What Is A Clean Sheet In Soccer?

It’s not a rate thing for soccer to have terms and jargons exclusive to the sport and one such term is a clean sheet. The phrase or term is ubiquitous, particularly on betting sites and sports analysts. Therefore, what does a clean sheet term mean in soccer? Continue reading to find out.

Clean Sheet Meaning

A clean sheet is commonly known as shutout in the US. Those unfamiliar with the inaccessible and complex jargon associated with soccer might ask, what is a clean sheet in soccer? When a team maintains a “clean sheet”, it merely signifies that they haven’t conceded any goals in the match.

A clean sheet in soccer is quite a popular concept, which is even utilized as a basis to weigh top-class goalkeepers and defenders. Sportsbooks are offering a “keep a clean sheet soccer wagering option” to its members these days. Therefore, you can now wager on a team you think will shutout the rival in order to gather big winnings and rewards with bookies.

Continue reading to find key factors affecting the odds of a team keeping a clean sheet in soccer.

Where You Can Try the Clean Sheet Tactic?

You might be now wondering where you can give a try to clean sheet strategy. Well, we have good news for you and it is that there are tons of bookmakers where it is possible to try this tactic. It goes without saying that in order to find ones providing the best chances, it’s best to count on top bookmakers such as 1XBET, BetWinner, Casino-Z, 22 BET, and 18bet to name a few.

No matter which bookmaker you go with, you’ll hardly regret it because they are equipped with extra wagering options and have secure and safe online gambling platforms.

Case Instance of a Clean Sheet

If a game ends 1-0, then the winning team has kept a shutout. Additionally, a team maintains a clean sheet if it keeps a goalless draw in a game. To put in simple words, both sides would have maintained a clean sheet if the match ends 0-0.

Factors Affecting the Odds of Clean Sheet

In the most fundamental terms, the two aspects affecting the odds of a team maintaining a clean sheet include the potency of their deference and the potency of the opposition’s attack. No surprise, a team that faces a world-class attack that features in-form strikers will be less probably to impede their rivals scoring than if their rivals have a bad, out of form attacking line up.

Likewise, a team that’s popular for defensive solidity that has been quite well drilled by the training staff and takes specific pride in shutting sides out will usually attract punters looking forward to backing a clean sheet.

Clean Sheet Stats

Nowadays, there are dedicated websites online that can aid you to analyze the current form of goalkeepers via their clean sheet soccer stats. On these online sites, you’ll be offered an in-depth clean sheet statistics that can aid walk you through placing a clean sheet wager. The count of clean sheets soccer managed by every goalkeeper across the primary soccer leagues around the globe, as well as, the count of goals conceded is shown in a tabular form. In this way, you can easily analyze the odds of a given player for managing to shutout the rivals.

Clean Sheet Standing Records

Let’s have a peek at standing records of clean sheet:

  • Leading clean sheet stats

Over the years, teams have kept making soccer clean sheet records that are still to be broken.

In the 2018.2019 Premier League season, Liverpool kept the highest shutout with a total of 21. Leicester City owns the highest count of a shutout in the Premier League in the current season. Bettors can always look into the finest clean sheet stats for many other leagues online.

  • Goalkeepers with the highest count of clean sheets

In the premier league, Petr Cech kept the clean sheet soccer record. Nevertheless, in the latest 2018/2019 season, Allison Becker (the Liverpool shot-stopper) has the highest count of clean sheets. In the current EPL season, Kasper Schmeichel with 7 clean sheets leading the way.

No Clean Sheet Meaning

If you’re interested in knowing what does a clean sheet means, then you probably be wondering about what does no clean sheet means as well. Isn’t, it right? Well, no clean sheet is a term used to portray an event where a team’s goalkeeper or the deference, has not able to shutout the rival team from scoring. Bettors have a choice to bet on No Clean Sheet if they think that the chosen team will not maintain a shutout.

Sports Where the Concept of the Clean Sheet Applies

In addition to soccer, bookers are even offering clean sheet bet options for other sports as well. Some of them where the clean sheet concept can be applied are- Ice Hockey, Baseball, American Football, and Rugby.

Powerful Clean Sheet Tactic

A favorite home team is a great option when it comes to shutout bets. When a home team has a great chance of victory, between 1.01 & 1.70, the away team tends to consider a defensive mindset. In this scenario, they’ll fall short in the count of attacks that are going forward. Therefore, the most probable outcome will be a clean sheet.

Last Few Words:

A clean sheet concept can be found across several sports, as mentioned before – soccer, Ice Hockey, Football, etc. Bookmakers offer players a chance to wager on the clean sheet market and soccer is one of the most common when it comes to clean sheet wagering options. Considering the powerful betting tactics, you have a great chance to make a decent profit from your wager. Therefore, it also means that a clean sheet is a recommendable wagering option. Moreover, you can blend a shutout wager with other wagering options like the correct score wager.

In the last, ensure to go with the most trusted top bookmakers out there!!