Football predictions for the weekend

Football predictions for the weekend (01-02.08.2020)

We will start with Regional league Tirol, that going to their 1st round in August. So, several matches will be played on Saturday and we choose Waker Innsbruck – Kufstein.

Waker Innsbruck – Kufshtein – prediction 1X (double chance) – average odds 1.60

One game from China Football League. Shijiazhuang Ever Bright and Qingdao Huanghai meet on match in Saturday. Better sport form and more wins in direct matches for Shijiazhuang Ever Bright. We place a home win in this game.

Shijiazhuang Ever Bright – Qingdao Huanghai – 1 – odds 1.90

A game from the Australian football league, where will play teams of Melbourne City and Sydney. Away team is at 1st place with a difference of 10 points from 2nd and 3rd. In this match, Melbourne City can make a win at their stadium and after analyze, we can place a home win. Yes, Sydney is at 1st place, but Melbourne City shows good games and will fight for the 2nd place, so a home win is our prediction here at this game.

Melbourne City – Sudney – 1 – average odds 2.50

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