Vip soccer betting tips for Saturday

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Today I ‘ll make a review of 3 soccer matches for Saturday. As you know on Saturday and at all on weekends most tipsters bet and not only tipsters but many soccer fans, so let’s start with predictions (football predictions) on Saturday.

Brescia – Parma

One football match of theams with equal performance. Here Brescia has a litle advatage, but seems, like strong of teams are similar, so we expect a win of Brescia or draw. We will make a prediction on double chance.

Brescia – Parma – 1X – 1.75

Isloch – Brest

One game from Premier Football League of Belarus, where compare both teams, advantage is for away team. Brest has a 70% sport form, compare to 30% for home team. Here I predict away win and odds are over 2.00 in most online bookmakers.

Isloch – Brest – 2 – 2.25

Lokomotivi Tbilisi – Sabultato Tbilisi

One football game from Georgia National Football league, where Lokomotivi Tbilisi meets Sabultato Tbilisi. Almost equal performance. Little advantage for Lokomotivi at home, but better sport form at the moment for away team. I think here Lokomotiv will take the win at their stadium Mikheil Meskhi Stadium with capacity 27233 people. Odds are over 2.00 at top bookmakers.

Lokomotivi Tbilisi – Sabultato Tbilisi – 1 – 2.15 average odds

  • Brescia – Parma
  • Isloch – Brest
  • Lokomotivi Tbilisi – Sabultato Tbilisi