Free football predictions and betting tips

Hi to all fans,

Today I ‘ll make some football predictions and analyze betting tips for Saturday and Sunday, so I can include Bulgarian Football League A, Premiership, and Championship from England.

I ‘ll use the platform for betting 1xbet and will find some games with average odds over 1.80 for each match. You can look also at 1xbet and find interesting data and information for games, statistics, odds, betting promos, and site is translated to many languages, so maybe your language is there, so let’s start with football predictions and betting tips. I think most ou football and betting fans like free predictions here you can find picks for Saturday and Sunday.

Football predictions and tips for free

Bulgaria football betting tips and predictions

CSKA Sofia is one of the strongest teams in League A in Bulgaria or so-called Bulgarian Football Professional League and they are trying to take 2nd place on general standing. Ludogoretz is at 1st place and already is a champion, so CSKA need 3 points at this time and think will play on high performance and will take this game, as very important. Slavia makes good games, but with CSKA statistic is for reds and I think here CSKA will take 3 points.

Prediction for football match Slavia Sofia – CSKA Sofia – away win

England football betting tips and predictions

Watford – Southampton a game from Premiership starts on 28.06.2020 year and, as we take a look at the stats and make an analyze, we think Watford has a good game at home, especially with Liverpool (already a champion) with 3:0, so we think they will take 3 points because striving to survive this year at Premier league. Southampton think will also try to get smth for this game, why not win, but they are more relaxed with 37 points and 10 points to relegation, so they feel more comfortable at their place at general standing now at Premier league.

Prediction for football match Watford – Southampton – home win

Charlton – Q.P.R, a game from Championship, that will play on 27.06.2020 year at Valley (London) Stadium. Charlton needs points to survive in the league, they have a 1 point difference to the relegation zone, so they need to take as much as possible points till the end of Championship 2019/2020, so they will try to get the win, or draw. Q.P.R at 13th place in general standing and here we think Charlton will not lose this game.

Prediction for Charlton – Q.P.R – home win or draw (1x double chance)

Preston – Cardiff – a game, where both teams will try to get more points at general standing. Preston make 3 overs from the last 5 games. Cardiff doesn’t score, as much as Preston’s last games, but from the last 5 games has 2 over 2.5 goals matches, so we predict an over 2,5 goals for the FT result.

Prediction for Preston – Cardiff – over 2.5 goals for the match

Predictions are based on analyses and statistics and also include our experience in football betting tips. This tip is for informational purpose and you can look at our web sports portal regularly for more predictions. After games, there will be an update for FT results on the games.

  • Slavia Sofia – CSKA Sofia – 0:0 FT
  • Watford – Southampton – 1:3 FT
  • Charlton – Q.P.R – 1:0 FT
  • Preston – Cardiff – 1:3 FT