Soccer predictions tomorrow

I ll make a few soccer predictions for tomorrow 08 June 2020 year. Weekend finishing and now bettors look at the new week matches. Let’s look at gameplay for Monday and see, if there is an interesting soccer predictions, that can be made for tomorrow.

I ll open and will look at the next 24 hours matches and will choose home wins at odds over 1.40 of each soccer game.

How to use Betwinner site to select matches? Go to Betwinner – open the site and look at “filter”, then if you like to choose a day from the scroll menu choose the date, for example, I choose 8 June 2020 year and then click Apply.

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Soccer prediction for tomorrow from 2 Bundesliga

Hamburger – Holstein

This game will play on Monday 21:30 and as we see the odds bookmakers give advantage to Hamburger. The probably winning in % is 56 % for the Hamburger football team. Hamburger will play this game at Volksparkstadion and this will be an advantage also. Holstein makes good games at all, but at home ground, so away team is not so strong. Holstein is in the 12th position in standing. Hamburger think will try to get in top2 and to enter the Bundesliga next season, but this means wins as much, as possible.

Soccer prediction – 1 (home win) 1.67

Soccer prediction for tomorrow from Greece Football

Lamia – Panetolikos

One game, that will be played on Municipal Lamia Stadium with a capacity of 5500 visitors. lamia is at 4th place, 3 points less than 2nd and 3rd on Greece standing Superleague. Panetolikos is 7 at standing. Depends on standing and more wins at all compare to Panatolikos, I think here LAmia will get a win, but it will be maybe with a goal difference. Lamia makes a lot of draws, but here we can predict home win at a good odds from Betwinner.

Soccer prediction – 1 (home win) 2.42

  • Lamia – Panetolikos – 2:0 FT
  • Hamburger – Holstein – 3:3 FT