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Find 3 free football tips for Saturday

Here in our free football tips review we will provide you with 3 tips, that we analyze and think can win, but as you know in football must has luck, so this is as information and you can choose to bet or not on them. So, here is tips:

  • 30.05.2020 16:30 FSV Mainz 05 – 1899 Hoffenheim

On this game Mainz will play at home with Hoffenheim and will try to get 3 points at houm ground. Mainz is at avreage form this season. Team is situated at 15th position, but the difference from 12 and 15th places is 3 points. Hoffenheim is situadet at 7 yh place with 39 points, 11 more than Mainz, but we think here home team will try to win, because at all we notice good games in the past at home and here we predict a home win. Last game at Mainz stadium on 18 May 2019 finished 4:2 for Mainz.

  • 30.05.2020 16:30 Hertha – Augsburg

A team of Hertha situated in 10th position will play with Augusbur in 12th place at General standing. One game with average similar teams like form, so here is not easy to predict who will win or make a draw. We can place a free football tip 1 for Hertha at odds 1.94 and this is a good odd for a home win for Hertha I think, so we can bet on Hertha on this match. On the last 5 matches as away performance, Augsburg has 1 win and 4 losses. The team is at average form, but here we think Hertha will win with a goal difference maybe, but prediction – 1 for Herta.

  • Once more tip from top 3 free football tips this day and this is for 30.05.2020 16:30 Shalke 04 – Werder Bremen

For this game, we see 2 strong german teams at Bundesliga, which will make me think of an interesting match. Schalke 04 is in 9th place in standing and Werder is in 17th position. Beside ranking at the moment Werder is one of the top team in Bundesliga last years, so we think it will get more points and this position at the moment is permanent, so here we think, that Werder can get a point, but depends on Shalke 04 gameplay at their stadium, we can place a prediction for 1X double chance.

Free football tip 1X (shalke 04 to win or make a draw) at home.

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  • Hertha – Augsburg – 2:0 FT
  • Mainz 05 – 1899 Hoffenheim – 0:1 FT
  • Shalke 04 – Werder Bremen – 0:1 FT