Football live predictions

Today we will give some football live predictions. This mean you can bet live and can make your bets when it’s live (at real time).

Now we see played Oman football league, there are two games, we choose 2nd one for live bets. Oman – Dhofar. Now 17’00 minute, no goals, choose over 1.5 on a first-half as a more risky bet (5.00), or over 0.5 (1.80). This is for 1st half odds and for goals. Ok, let’s see once more game today.

Dorogi – MTK Budapest – a game where no goals (25 minutes passed), and you can place here over 1.5 for all game, now odd is 1.57 and as I know there score lots sometimes in Hungary, so can make this, if decide. Good luck.

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Results – Oman – Dhofar – win over 0,5 first half | Dorogi – MTK – over 1.5 lose