Multiple Bets vs Single Bets strategy

Nowadays most used bets are single bets and multiple bets. This is mainly for sports betting niche. Here I ‘ll explain to you whats mean multiple bets and how to make a ticket in a row. I can make a review on single bets also.

Multiple bets

These bets are very popular and the main reason to play form tipsters are that winnings are big and stakes are small. This is the most common used in multiple bets. Players make several sports predictions on a row and wait for results. They must win all of them if want to win. This is riskier than a single bet.

Lets make an example:

  • Aston Villa – W.B.A – home win – 1.50
  • Manchester United – Newcastle – home win – 1.80
  • R.Madrid – Espanyol – home win – 1.40
  • Dijon – Auxerre – home win – 2.10
  • Paris FC – Orlenas – draw – 3.00

Om this predictions i will make a multiple bet. So, lets calculate. 1.50 x 1.80 x 1.40 x 2.10 x 3.00 = 23.81 odds total.

This is the total odds for all these predictions. When we want to make multiple bets we type all of them and then on a field multiple bets we can make a stake. Let’s try with 1.00 $. Put a stake and potential winning on this ticket is 23.81$.

Multiple bets give bigger profit than single bets, but here the risk is more often because if we lose 1 match, multiple bets lost. No matter, if you lose only 1, or 2 games, you must win all of them to has a profit.

Single Bets

On multiple bets we try with 5 football predictions and multiple bet give us 23.81 odds total. Lets see whats will happened with a single match.

Example single bet:

  • Real Madrid – Espanyol – home win – 1.40

Here we will bet on R.Madrid to win on the game with Espanyol. We place again 1 $ and see what the potential winnings. 1 x 1.40 = 1.40 total odds or 1.40 $.

The example shows us, that winning is lower than multiple bets, but if Real Madrid wins, we have profit and no need to wait for other games.

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