Tottenham – Ajax – before and after match analysis

Before Match analysis

Tottenham played the first semi-final match with Ajax of the Champions League. Pochininho’s boys wish to get 3-points at their own stadium, and even before the match, the bookmakers nominated Tottenham as the favorite. The fact, that the teams were in good shape was also seen by the odds, which were around 2.00 for Tottenham win and 3.40 for Ajax’s victory.


However, the household factor also affects the odds for the match, but overall the odds were lower for Tottenham, which was considered the favorite in this game.
What we had, like information from friends, players, tipsters, was that they bet mainly for a home win and over 2.5 goals in this game. This is just info for friends and tipsters, that we discuss and analyze the game, before its start.

What were the prerequisites for winning a tithing? Strong team at the moment, well built and padded with the offensive style of play. Tottenham had a lot of motivated players and they got to win in the most renowned tournament. Separately good matches in England and situated at 3rd or the place, that give a position for direct qualify in the Champions League for the next season. As we know, the Champions League is the most reputable football tournament in the world, with the prize pool quite large, as an amount. Each team fights for a place in the groups, and the top 4 teams in England have the opportunity to play next season in the groups of this tournament.

Tottenham Hotspur
3 1 4
Borussia Dortmund
0 0 0

Tottenham Hotspur
1 3 4 Manchester City
0 4 4

1 4 5

Real Madrid
2 1 3

1 2 3

1 1 2

Tottenham had stable team matches like those with Borussia Dortmund and Manchester City but managed to qualify ahead of the tournament, and in the Ajax match, the fans really expected the victory and good result before the rematch in the Netherlands.

Tottenham managed to beat Borussia Dortmund with a 4: 0 overall result, and then with Man City, they managed to score 4: 4 in both matches, but a goal on a pitch is an advantage, so Tottenham managed to qualify after difficult and disputed matches with strong teams.

Ajax made very strong matches this year and impressed many of the football specialists around the world. The team managed to win against the Real Madrid football club and the notorious Juventus. Many did not believe in eliminating Juventus and thought the Real Madrid match was just a coincidence, but Ajax was also a high-pitched against Juventus. Ajax – Real Madrid 5: 3 overall result, Ajax – Juventus 3: 2 overall result. Impressive football results with these two class teams, and now that they were on a tumultuous day in England in an important match from the Champions League Semifinals.

After Match analysis

Strong first minutes of the match and goal at the beginning of the first half. This little or very surprised the tone. Most fans of the English stadium were expecting another match, but Ajax scored. More good minutes followed, and after 20-30 minutes the game was changed. Tottenham found the correct rhythm in the match, began to attack. Attacks were technical, with a slower play, but lacked a finishing shot.

Tottenham had the pace in the second half and showed that they could be equal to Ajax, but again good attacks and play, more control of the ball and very few strokes or if there were inaccurate or weak to the goalie. We were surprised at this game of Tottenham. They reach the door and from there return or pass, and don’t has many good shoots in the ponent door. An interesting Ajax counter-attack, ending with a beam. A few more Ajax attacks, but Ajax saw that he had not a very quality defense in this game. Ajax was more outrageous and personal opinion, the match was not the strongest of Tottenham or Ajax. We are expecting a rematch in the Netherlands, with Ajax currently having 1 goal more and are expecting the Tottenham players at their stadium. Will the Tottenham can beat Ajax we will understand in the second semi-final match of the Champions League 2018/2019.

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