Vip football predictions for free

We can make a few football VIP predictions and you can check them and decide if you want to bet them. We can start for a pick on Wednesday 27 March 2019.

Wednesday VIP soccer picks

Argentina Sarmiento – Old Boys

Sarmiento is at better sport form 58%, and Old Boys are at 17% sport form. Performance for Sarmiento is better last months, but Old Boys played ok with them. As we look at stats 3 games – 2 wins and 1 draw in advance of Old Boys. So, we put here a little surprise, depends on current performance – x2

Predictions on this game with 2 bets – double chance X2 – at 1.40 odds

Brazil Oeste – Botofogo

One game from Brazil Championate Paulista Serie A1

Oeste 1 wins, Botofogo 3 wins of games between these teams. Botafogo at better form, so we decide here to place prediction away win.

Prediction – 2 at odds 3.05 (win for Botofogo)

Thursday football predictions

Vip tips for 28.03.2019

Espana Copa Federation

Kornela  – Mirandes

One game between teams with equal sport form, each 67% and we think here a little advantage of Mirandes. They win against Kornela in last game between them with 3:0. the game was on 20 March 2019 and here Mirandes are guest. We can place an over 2.5 goals for a free vip tip in this game.

Predictions – over 2.5 goals – 2,10

Friday soccer vip tip

Chievo – Cagliari – Serie A, Italy championate

Chievo is at 20th position, not in good form at all, Cagliari after the transfer of Despodov and after some tactics make a better performance last games. We see good results and depends on the form also, we can place here x2 picks

Prediction – X2 double chance – at odds 2.85 Average odds depends on bookie

Vip free soccer picks